Kathryn Hanna is a sculptor and socially-engaged artist who attended the Glasgow School of Art, graduating in ‘Sculpture and Environmental Art’ (2017).

Hanna is driven by making the arts accessible to all and since graduating has worked with communities, schools, councils and arts organisations delivering creative workshops.

When not sculpting Hanna works for the Sculpture Placement Group, an active research organisation who help artists and creative practitioners tackle the climate emergency. This is achieved by challenging the commissioning process, promoting innovative design, creating circular economy tools and testing new economic models.

Hanna creates artwork at her studio in Blantyre. She creates sculptures and art installations using a variety of modern and traditional techniques including casting, laser cutting, woodwork, metalwork, stone masonry and letter cutting. Her work often involves collaborations with local craftspeople.

Her artwork has been exhibited publicly in Pollok House, Glasgow and The MacLaurin Art Gallery, Ayr. Most recently Hanna was commissioned by the David Elder Edward Trust to create a public artwork which she entitled ‘Pathways’. ‘Pathways’ was a direct response to the Covid pandemic and how it changed the direction of lives, inspired by the different treatment pathways established by the NHS. Here the pathways are reimagined to depict the community’s wide variety of experiences throughout the pandemic. This work draws attention to, and celebrates, the shared experience of returning to green spaces and rekindling a love of nature. ‘Pathways’ is now enjoyed by the many visitors to Rozelle Park in Ayrshire, a space that Hanna herself has enjoyed visiting since being a child.